Fine jewelry; how to store it

Fine jewelry is valuable for monetary and personal reasons. You may have diamond earrings worth more than the average car or a family heirloom you wish to pass down. That’s why storing jewelry the right way is essential; you want to avoid any pitfalls that may tarnish or destroy your asset. Here are some tips you can use to store your jewelry.

Keep it away from extreme temperatures and humidity

Neither a hot, stuffy attic nor a cold, drafty closet is suitable for your jewelry. Storing jewelry at room temperature and away from direct sunlight is best. A location with low humidity will help prevent premature tarnishing and discoloration.

Remember that different types of jewelry have different storage requirements; for example, Opals and cameos require slightly more humidity to keep them from cracking and crazing.

Get a jewelry box with soft lining

The soft lining makes the jewelry box look more luxurious but serves another purpose. The soft lining will absorb the impact and protect your jewelry better than hard plastic or wooden surfaces. No matter how much you love and value your jewelry, you will drop it into the box after a long day.

When you look for a jewelry box, ensure it has plenty of space for all your pieces. You don’t want your jewelry to be clumped together. It’s messy and frustrating to look for a piece, and it can damage the pieces as they rub against each other.

Store clean jewelry in a pristine location

Jewelry can be sensitive to its environment. It can pick up the smell and corrosion from its surroundings. That’s why you should separate any jewelry that isn’t pristine. Your jewelry box must also be clean and corrosion free, so clean it regularly.

Hang your necklaces

All jewelry armories come with doors with hooks for you to hang necklaces so you should use them. Hanging your necklaces will prevent them from kinking and knotting.

Separate your fine jewelry

Diamonds are the hardest surfaces with the ability to scratch anything. That makes them harmful to your other jewelry pieces like gems, gold, and silver which can get scratched.

Keep your fine jewelry in a fireproof safe.

Jewelry boxes are beautiful and convenient ornaments, but they are the first place a burglar will look. Although jewelry may be robust, it can get damaged by fire. A fireproof safe will keep it from harm in case of fire. Having a hidden safe to store your jewelry from prying eyes would be best.

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