Luxury handbags every lady needs

Handbags do more than carry your phone; they are a fashion statement. Every woman deserves to have more than one luxury handbag. Plenty of options exist, and each bag has a purpose and outfit. So get to know which ones are suitable for you.

Shoulder bag 

It’s a functional bag that every woman needs. The name refers to how you wear it over your shoulder. It can come in several sizes, but it’s commonly a large bag that can fit most of what you need. If you plan to use it daily, try a neutral color to make it more versatile for any outfit you wear.

Crossbody bag

These are typically smaller than shoulder bags but are just as versatile. They let you go about your day hands-free. It’s suitable for traveling, socializing, or any scenario where you need a functional bag without being weighed down.


Satchels are two-strap bags that can carry books, laptops, or magazines. They are sturdy and soft bags that look fashionable on campus or around the office.

Tote bags

There are large luxury handbags with a single compartment suitable for the everyday haul. They usually come in nylon, canvas, or leather material. They are convenient for throwing things inside and taking them out on the go.

Evening clutch

Typically they are a low-key design that you can take on a night out. But they can come with sequins or beads for a more luxurious look, like going to an opera or formal event. They can come with a removable shoulder strap making them a handheld bag. They can only carry essentials due to their size.

Hobo Bag

Despite the name, these glamorous bags come in slouchy, crescent shapes. It’s stylish and not pretentious, which is part of its charm. It can work for any occasion, including casual weekends or an evening out.

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